Maryland Tamil Academy Inc is affiliated with Tamil Sangam of Greater Washington inc (TSGW) and is following the syllabus by American Tamil Academy (ATA – அமெரிக்கத் தமிழ்க் கல்விக்கழகம்) and Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA – தமிழ் இணையக் கல்விக்கழகம்)Please refer below for MTA’s grade levels Curriculum/Syllabus.

Based on American Tamil Academy (ATA):

Primary ATA Tamil Levels:

Intermediate ATA Tamil Levels:

Advanced ATA Tamil Levels:

Based on Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA):

This course is offered at MTA to advanced Tamil Learners.

The curriculum is designed by Tamil Nadu State Government, TamilNadu State, India. Tamil Virtual Academy, formerly known as the Tamil Virtual University, is a distance education institution based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Government of Tamil Nadu established the Tamil Virtual University on 17 February 2001 as a society.

TVA provides internet-based educational resources and opportunities for the Tamil diaspora as well as for others interested in learning the Tamil language and acquiring knowledge of the history, art, literature, and culture of the Tamils.

** The current approval to MTA was to conduct the Reading and Writing assessments by having the Tamil Virtual Academy’s (TVA) Higher Certificate Course Grade 1.