Seal of Biliteracy for Tamil in the State of Maryland

Seal of Bi-Literacy for Tamil in the State of Maryland

வணக்கம் Maryland Tamil Community!

It’s our pleasure to announce that Maryland State Board of Education (MSDE) has approved Seal of Bi-Literacy for the Tamil Language to our Tamil school Maryland Tamil Academy on November 17, 2017. This can be benefited by our Tamil students who are studying in High School or any other High School students who are studying the Tamil language outside of our Tamil School of approved counties within Maryland state.  The qualified student will receive the Bi-Literacy seal on their diploma at the end of their high school year (12th grade).

To receive a Maryland Seal of Bi-Literacy in Tamil, a student must:

  1. Pass the PARCC in English 10; AND
  2. Demonstrate Intermediate High or above proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Tamil, as measured by assessments that are aligned to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) proficiency guidelines.

The current approval to MTA was to conduct the Reading and Writing assessments by having the Tamil Virtual Academy’s (TVA) Higher Certificate Course Grade 1 (HG10). MTA is a certified TVA examination center and follow TVA syllabus from Nilai 8 to Nilai 10. The student must pass the HG10 exam from TVA assessment. The average passing score from TVA is 40 percent and above. The TVA exam for the Reading and Writing will be conducted twice in a year between November-December period and between May-June period. Those who would like to apply for the TVA’s HG10 exam, you can contact Seal of Bi-Literacy School Coordinator at

For the Listening and speaking assessments, MTA provides special coaching to undertake the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in Tamil and can be scheduled from the ACTFL website. The student must demonstrate Intermediate High or above proficiency in listening and speaking Tamil. You can find more information about OPI at  To receive the OPI training and assistance, please contact our teacher’s team lead by Mrs. Kalpana Srinivasan at Our lead teacher is Mrs. Kalpana Srinivasan an OPI certified proctor.

Maryland Tamil Academy is the Authorized Exam Center for Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA) in the state of Maryland and also the coordinator for Seal of Biliteracy for Tamil in the state of Maryland. To learn more about Biliteracy in Tamil and help to schedule the required TVA Exam, please fill in the contact & info FORM here. More useful info the Seal of Bi-Literacy in Tamil, you can check out FAQ page.

We are so proud of student Mr. Harish Senthilkumar who has received the Seal of Bi-Literacy Gold seal on his diploma by going through the entire qualification process.

MTA Students get discount while registering for the OPI Test. Please see the below attachments for details.

Registration Instructions – Ordering a Language Assessment Test – OPI

OPI Examinee Handbook 2019

LTI – Academic Price List 2019